Compliance with the Rules in Business and Sport Is Equally Important Where Are Our Limits!

We are not going to talk about sports rules because we do not participate in competitions, but about rules that we have to follow in safety, such as overloading and correct exercise.

Many entrepreneurs started their journey with almost no capital, all they had were dreams, wishes, and perseverance. However, the desire was often too big from reality, and their entrepreneurial path ended in a very large financial deficit. They did not know how to assess their abilities and the market realistically, and if they deviated too far from reality, they collapsed completely.

The same applies in sport if we take a very basic example: If someone wants to lose weight overnight through sport, sooner or later he will hurt himself, and then his weight will only increase through rest, or if we take the example from the column in the previous issue (How to go uphill to overcome business/personal problems):

»If we go too fast at the beginning, we will fail halfway through. It’s the same in business, we should not start too early.«

But what is right, when are we fast enough, when are we too fast, when are we loaded enough, when are we overloaded, where is the right measure?

There is no recipe for these questions, there is no table to look at, there is only one rule, we must first know for ourselves who we are and where our limits are. And that is our reality.


So our reality is where our boundaries are.

We often ask ourselves what is true, whether what is written in the law is true, or what we feel, or what we have established as the social norm. When we start to ask ourselves such things, we actually ask ourselves who we really are. And when we run out of energy to ask ourselves what is right and what is wrong, we submit to social norms. So it’s a difficult question of who we are and where we are going, but we certainly have a goal. However, the times we live in increasingly force us to give ourselves this answer as well.

Most social norms will also fall during this time because there has been too much competition. It is true that sport is much more popular because of competition, which is also true of the business world, but if our only goal in sport is victory and our only goal in business is money, then we will never get far. We have to enjoy what we do, money and victories are just a consequence of what we do.

In recent years we have lived too much for external and material things, and that alone has brought us satisfaction, and all the way there we have only longed and waited for it to happen. All this waiting and longing has caused us to run out of inner energy, we have burned out and become emotionally completely numb.

Foto: Pixabay

And that is the first basic rule, which is the same in sport and in business. So, we must not work in order to survive and earn, but it must be a consequence, if not, we will end up without money and burn out, we must not train to win, but it must be a consequence if we do not end up injured and burned out.

So we will also start to get to know ourselves. We have to try different things in life, in business, and in sports, and only in the one where we really enjoy it and it will be great for us at every step, is it the right business or the right sport for us. At the same time, we have to take care of ourselves. By recognizing our feelings, when they are positive and when they are negative, we will really know our limits.

Of course, we have to be honest with ourselves. What we feel, we are allowed to “take”, and everything else we have to let go of. And what we are going to do, we must then “separate” honestly and sincerely.



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Milan Krajnc

Milan Krajnc

He has written more than 300 books in the field of leadership and relationships.